Setting New Standards in Quality and Technology for Life-Saving Infusions

As a leading manufacturer of IV fluids, our dedication to quality is unwavering. In fact, we keep it as our top priority in everything we do. Our goal is to deliver high-quality products that cater to the needs of healthcare providers and their patients.

Our commitment to quality extends to every stage of production. From sourcing to the final packaging, we follow meticulous procedures to ensure the integrity and safety of our infusions.

With our advanced facilities and skilled team, we make sure that our IV fluids are formulated with utmost precision and accuracy, adhering to the latest industry standards and best practices. To achieve this, we place a strong emphasis on innovation and technology.

Packaging innovation

We believe that packaging plays a crucial role in maintaining the safety, integrity, and convenience of medical products. As pioneers in this field, we take pride in our commitment to using only the best materials and processes to ensure optimal patient outcomes.

One of our standout’s is the DiskPort, a revolutionary packaging solution for IV fluids. It is made from a medical-grade polymer that undergoes rigorous sterilization, ensuring the elimination of any risk of contamination.

What sets DiskPort apart from other solutions is its commitment to patient safety. Unlike some alternatives that may contain non-medical additives like DEHP/PVC plasticizers, DiskPort is free of such substances, making it a safer option.

Medical professionals will find it easy to use, thanks to its self-collapsible bottles and effortless spike insertion. Additionally, by eliminating the air vent, DiskPort maintains the minimum endotoxin level. This feature not only makes it cost-effective but also environmentally friendly.

EasyPort is a packaging solution that has revolutionized the IV fluid market.

Its unique double port design allows for simultaneous infusion and extra medication administration, offering unmatched convenience for both medical professionals and patients.

With one port dedicated to the infusion system and the other reserved for administering additional medication, the need for multiple containers is significantly reduced, saving valuable time and resources.

What truly makes EasyPort brilliant is its exceptional ability to prevent external atmospheric air from coming into contact with the fluid, thus reducing the risk of bacterial invasion and contamination during infusion.

This is achieved through a self-sealing mechanism that ensures the container remains airtight throughout the entire process.

The transparency of the EasyPort material allows medical professionals to easily inspect the contents, enabling them to assess the fluid’s condition and make informed decisions regarding the patient’s care.

In addition to its innovative features, EasyPort is constructed from medical polymers without any plasticizers like DEHP or PVC.

EasyPort can be used for a variety of dosages, ranging from 100 ml to 1000 ml, making it highly versatile and convenient for patients with different needs.

Technology that empowers us

Blow Fill Seal

As a leading IV fluid manufacturing company, we are committed to utilizing the latest technologies, including BFS, to provide our customers with superior quality products at competitive prices.

Blow Fill Seal (BFS) technology is a widely adopted manufacturing process for sterile pharmaceutical products, including IV fluids. It combines container formation, filling, and sealing in a single automated operation. By extruding molten plastic into a mold, filling it with sterile liquid, and sealing it, a hermetically sealed container is created.

The advantages of BFS technology are significant. Firstly, it enables the production of sterile products in a closed and automated system, ensuring high quality and purity. Additionally, BFS allows for customization, accommodating various container sizes and shapes to meet specific customer requirements.

Cost-wise, BFS technology offers savings. Its automation reduces labor requirements and space, resulting in lower production costs. These savings can be passed on to customers through competitive pricing.

Furthermore, BFS technology is environmentally sustainable. It uses less raw material and generates less waste compared to traditional manufacturing methods. On-site, real-time container production eliminates the need for transportation and storage, reducing the overall environmental impact.