FFS Technology bottles
                                      ".... At par with Glass Bottles"


We are the proud and premier manufacturer in India committed to serving to Medical Profession by launching....
 The company has distinct and unique FFS Technology at its disposal to produce high        quality I.V.Fluids.
 Where others sterilize FFS bottle at 108° C with the risk of
 some bacteria still surviving, we sterilize at 121° C to assure a Total Bacteria-free       solutions.

 100% Pyrogen free. We ensure the Best Quality.

 We use the Best Medical Grade Plastic Material.

 We provide special patented Nostrils for I. V.Set insertion.


 We furnish "Self-collapsible bottles" which needs no needs at the back of bottles for       administration.


 We ensure that no bacteria from the atmosphere even enter our bottles during       administration.

 We never Compromise on Quality